Some things that need to be said…

I wore a Barack Obama shirt today to my high school today because it is election day. One of my best friends is a pastor’s daughter. A major part of her life revolves around Christianity. I am the daughter of two science teachers. I was raised as a liberal and democratic person. Religion was not really present during my childhood, but I follow the Jewish faith. I consider myself a Jew and believe in most of the Old Testament. However, I believe in evolution, gay rights, gender equality, and am pro-choice. My friend, however, believes in almost the exact opposite of me. 

Anyways, some random junior comes up to me, points at my shirt, and yells, “Romney!”. His friend then comes up and asks who I’m for and I say Obama. He then asks my friend, who says Romney. He asked, “How does that work?” 

Well, let me explain. I’d be lying if I said that we haven’t gotten into heated arguments over politics and religion, as for we are very passionate about our beliefs. But the main thing we have for each other’s beliefs is respect. We try not to offend each other. I trust my friend more than anyone, and that won’t be ruined by politics or religion (ironic that it seems they go hand in hand). We just try to exclude those topics from our friendship. Period. But this boy made me wonder something:

If two fifteen-year old girls can coexist harmoniously and even have a great friendship despite two very different beliefs, then why can’t men in Washington D.C. do the same?

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Romney, leave.

Nobody should die because they can’t afford to live.